Adult Swim Teams Up With Telecom Animation For ‘Shenmue The Animation’

by Sage Ashford

Adult Swim and Crunchyroll are working together to bring fans Shenmue The Animation, a project based on the classic SEGA game, Shenmue. The game series follows Ryo Hazuki, a martial artist who visits his dojo in time to see a duel between his dad and a man named Lan Di. After his father is killed during the duel, Ryo goes out of his way to try and hunt down Lan Di and gain revenge.

Though the original two Shenmue titles were both beloved, the most recent one scored a 69 on Metacritic, likely because it was too large a concept for the modern era considering the budget it had. Potentially, this animated version of Shenmue stands the best chance at telling the complete story of the games.  That said, currently it’s only scheduled to run for thirteen episodes.  Developed by studio Telecom Animation Film, the series is scheduled to release in 2022.

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