Review: The Mystery Deepens In Jimmy Olsen #6

by Tony Thornley

Jimmy Olsen has had a hell of a year. But answers appear to be on their way, even if he still doesn’t have a clue where they’ll come from. One thing’s for sure though- Batman’s not going to be any help.

Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber, Nathan Fairbairn, and Clayton Cowles continue to make Jimmy’s life difficult.

Jimmy’s still on the run. Batman can’t figure out who is trying to kill him. Lex Luthor seems to know something about it, but won’t be any help. Superman has promised to let Jimmy handle it himself. So what is the DC Universe’s greatest best friend going to do about it?

Fraction continues to tell a very fractured story. It’s hard to follow at times, but the structure actually comes to its benefit, giving readers just enough to keep them invested while still progressing the story. It has continued to consolidate its plotlines as well, helping with that. The humor continues to be whip smart, with witty but dry asides, and in-universe deep cuts adding to the enjoyment, and one of Fraction’s best jokes in his career closing the issue.

Lieber’s work is stellar. Jimmy is barely hanging on to his sanity, and that’s made abundantly clear by the manic energy Lieber gives him. He also does a great job propping up the supporting cast, making sure each of them feel fleshed out just from how they’re moving through the page and across a panel. Fairbairn’s colors make the world feel authentic and lived in, while still clearly alien to us.

At the end of every issue, I’m disappointed that we’re one step closer to the end of this fantastic series. I just hope we get a follow-up quickly, because twelve issues isn’t going to be enough.

Jimmy Olsen #6 is available now from DC Comics.

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