Explore A Spooky Shadow Planet In Cosmo: The Mighty Martian #3 First Look

by James Ferguson

The all-ages space adventure comic, Cosmo: The Mighty Martian continues next month and we have an early preview of issue #3 from publisher Archie Comics. This book has been a blast so far, expanding on the initial series, Cosmo: Space Aces. The classic 1950s character has been modernized in a new, fun way.

Cosmo and Astra investigate a planet of spooky shadows, little do they know it’s actually an ambush led by one of the evil Venusian Battle Princesses, Boudica! Can the pair overcome the devious dark devils, or will they be overshadowed by the barbarous battling Boudica?!

Cosmo: The Mighty Martian #3 is written by Ian Flynn, illustrated by Tracy Yardley, colored by Matt Herms, and lettered by Jack Morelli. It features a main cover by Yardley and variant covers by Vincent Lovallo and Jaime Ugarte. It’s set for release on January 22nd, 2020 and the final order cutoff date for comic shops is Monday, December 30th, 2019.

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