Is This The Next Chew? I Can Sell You A Body #1 Reviewed

by Benjamin Hall

Warning of a few spoilers for this issue!

The premise of I Can Sell you A Body centers on a guy who can speak to and allow the dead to return to life. Though the in-story rules are given in this first issue there still seems to be some mystery (for readers) as to how the process works. Also, there is a ticking clock aspect to this series. This occurs via the somewhat obvious, and slightly overused, cliche of owing to the wrong person. As for the protagonist (Dan Little) it seems the creators are trying for an unlikable character getting redemption narrative.

As for the actual narrative, the writing feels very much in the vain of the comic book series Chew (2009-2016). This comparison is due to both series premises involving odd mental abilities, dark comedy, and characterization that will turn some people off. However, the writing is by no means terrible in terms of dialogue and setting up the status quo. Its two main problems are the cast of characters not being relatable and how obvious it is with its influences. Though writer and letterer Ryan Ferrier does have the suggestion of potential with this issue’s script. Not to mention Ferrier does show considerable skill with his lettering of a fourth wall break.

The visuals by artist and colorist George Kambadais are somewhat uniquely cartoonish in style. His style looks like a cross between the design work of animated television show Mission Hill (1999-2000) with a dash of the style of artist Clayton Henry. Unfortunately Kambadais seems to enjoy using negative space too much since he leaves so many panels and pages without backgrounds, or even the suggestion of foregrounds. Also there are some rather odd color choices (such as various pinks) that cause the overuse of negative space to be more noticeable. In conclusion, this series may turn out to be a sleeper hit much like its stylistic predecessor Chew. However, this is a problematic start no matter how one looks at it.

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