Out Of The Frying Pan: Preview Yondu #4 From Thompson, Nadler And McCrea

by Olly MacNamee


Writers Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, artist John McCrea, colorist Mike Spicer and letterer Joe Caramagna give us Yondu #4 this week from Marvel, in which the two Yondus have to deal with a new problem brought about by crashing into the same M’Kraan warship that they originally stole the Herald’s Urn from in the first place. Yikes.
Here’s your preview of the issue, out Wednesday 8th January:

Yondu and his descendent from the 31st century, Yondu, seem to have shaken their pursuers – little do they know they’re still being hunted! Can the two set aside their differences long enough to protect the Herald’s Urn, or will their divisiveness allow Sav’rkk to pick them off one by one? Plus, Yondu’s secret origin is revealed!

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