One Small Step, But For Who? Preview Rom: Dire Wraiths #1 From Ryall, Pizzari And IDW

by Olly MacNamee

IDW returns to the world of Rom once again this week with the debut of a new mini-series set around Rom’s greatest enemy; the Dire Wraiths. Set in 1969, Rom is nowhere in sight as humankind takes our first steps on the surface of the moon, only to find somethings there already. Something dire!
Check out or preview of the issue, written by Chris Ryall with art by Luca Pizzari and colors by Jim Boswell. Plus, a back-up strip from Guy Dorian Sr. and Sal Buscema.

“Inhumanauts,” Part 1: In 1969, two American astronauts became the first humans to set foot on Earth’s moon… but they found something inhumanwaiting for them! With Rom the Spaceknight nowhere in sight, can even the Earth Corp help prevent one giant leap for Wraithkind? Plus! Find out where Rom is in a special back-up story with art by Guy Dorian Sr. and Rom legend Sal Buscema!

Rom: Dire Wraiths #1 is out this Wednesday 15th January from IDW

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