Green Lantern: Legacy Introduces The Corps’s Youngest Member In New Trailer

by Olly MacNamee

Ah, the weekend. What better time to share with you a new trailer for a new book to brighten your day? Well, Green Lantern: Legacy, one of a number of children’s graphic novels we’ll see throughout 2020, introduces young readers to 13 year old Tai Pham, the Green Lantern Corps’s youngest member, and first American-Asian recruit too, in a sparkly new official trailer dropping on DC Comics official YouTube channel.

Cool looking graphics and a voice over supposed to be 13 year old Tai himself, introducing us to his origin, as he reveals that he gained the power ring from his grandma after her death.

Thirteen-year-old Tai Pham lives in the apartment above his grandmother’s store, where his bedroom is crammed with sketchpads and comic books. But not even his most imaginative drawings could compare to the colorful adventure he’s about to embark on.
When Tai inherits his grandmother’s jade ring, he soon finds out it’s more than it appears. Suddenly he’s being inducted into a group of space cops known as the Green Lanterns, his neighborhood is being overrun by some racist bullies, and every time he puts pen to paper, he’s forced to confront that he might not be creative enough or strong enough to uphold his ba’s legacy.
Now Tai must decide what kind of hero he wants to be: will he learn to soar above his insecurities or will the past keep him grounded?

Over recent years the Green Lantern Corps has been a real hotbed of showcasing diversity, with the introduction of characters such as Simon Baz into the Corps, as a prime example. Indeed, going back to the introduction of Jon Stewart as a Green Lantern, this title has a legacy itself, of a sort, in introducing minority characters into the DCU. It makes sense then to continue this tradition as DC Comics continue to reflect the real world we all see outside our windows today. Although, I do worry that Earth could well be the envy of many other space sectors given how many ring-wielders we have nowadays.

Get ready for Green Lantern: Legacy written by Minh Lê and illustrated by Andie Tong when it comes out this Tuesday 21st January from DC Comics/DC Zoom

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