The Menage A 3 Universe Expands At UDON Entertainment With Sticky Dilly Buns

by James Ferguson

If you can’t get enough from Gisele Lagace’s Menage a 3, UDON Entertainment has some great news for you. The publisher is releasing the first volume of Sticky Dilly Buns, a spinoff comic from Menage a 3, along with the fifth and final volume of the main series. These comics explore themes of sex, love, and everything in between, all while being super fun in the process.

Sometimes romance can be as easy as finding the boy next door. For flirty Dillon, that boy comes with a jealous ex. His best friend, roommate, and fellow actress Amber is an ex porn star trying to go mainstream. And Ruby, Amber’s prudish sister, has just shown up to move in with them both. But when Ruby gets an eyeful of Dillon’s freewheeling life, it’ll lead the two of them into a bond that’ll turn her life around… and maybe Dillon’s too! Sticky Dilly Buns: Volume 1 contains the entire series in one, oversized omnibus collection. Fans will not want to miss out on this essential addition to the Ménage à 3 universe!

Sticky Dilly Buns: Volume 1 is set for release in comic shops on February 5th, 2020 and online on February 11th, 2020.

Menage a 3 is where this whole thing started and UDON Entertainment will release the fifth and final volume in March 2020. I’m said to see the series come to a close because it’s been such a joy to read.

Ménage à 3 reaches its climax! Menage a 3: Volume 5 follows the paths of Gary, DiDi, and Zii, whose love lives get closer and more complicated than they ever have before! Can friendships survive when roommates become lovers? Following the lives of comic book geek Gary and his two way-hotter-than-he-is roommates, Ménage à 3 has always pushed the boundaries on humor, sex, love, and relationships. Menage a 3: Volume 5 collects the final strips into a gorgeous, omnibus collection, a must have for every Mà3 fan!

Menage a 3: Volume 5 is set for release in comic shops on March 4th, 2020 and online on March 17th, 2020.

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