Check Out An Early Leak Trailer For PS5’s “Godfall”

by Sage Ashford

One of the biggest surprises of The Game Awards (after the reveal of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X) was the first PlayStation 5 title, GodFall by Counterplay Games. Though Counterplay and Gearbox Software described the title as a “looter slasher”, they didn’t actually show any gameplay for the title. Nearly all of the trailer was devoted to displaying glimpses of the characters and the world, and they’ve since gone radio silent with no further information on the game.
However, someone on Reddit has leaked a minute long internal trailer which shows actual gameplay for the characters.  According to Counterplay, the footage is in fact a year old snippet meant for internal presentations, running on a PC. This will hopefully set at ease the people who were concerned about the game looking unimpressive for a PlayStation 5 title as the actual game will experience a massive improvement in visual quality, given more than a year of additional development.
Of course, this still leaves much about the game left unanswered. What’s the rest of the gameplay look like in terms of a full loop. Are there cities and towns? What about other environments? There seems to be a story, but is that detailed or a background thing? How much can we customize the armor? Counterplay seems content to remain quiet for now, but with their title launching with Sony’s PS5, we can likely expect new info sometime this year.

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