Fairy Tail Gives Us A Tour Of Magnolia

by Sage Ashford

Koei-Tecmo has released a trailer for their upcoming Fairy Tail game, showing off a bit of the environments in the game. It starts out showing off Natsu exploring the Fairy Tail guild, with appearances from many of the key characters that will be playable in the game, including Laxus, Kagura, Ichiya, and Mirajane.
Later parts of the trailer see Lucy exploring the city itself, giving us a look at the expansive town where a large amount of the action took place in the anime. We also get to see her apartment–which of course Natsu has snuck into. Lastly, the Sky Dragon Slayer Wendy gets to explore the area, meaning the controllable character can probably be switched at will. According to the PS Blog, the developers spent six months studying material for the city to bring the most accurate version of Magnolia to life:

Behind the scenes, game designers worked for six months to create every brick, bridge, and building you’ll be able to explore in the game. We looked at any and all reference material we could find on the town in order to lay it out as accurately as possible. We read the comics, we extracted scenes from the anime, consulted the anime setting materials, and we were even able to find reference data from older illustrations to help us along the way. From there, we laid everything out in 3D, then went back to Mashima-san, and he was able to give us further advice to help sculpt the final setting. In the end, we created a final design which works for an RPG, while at the same time integrating functionality and the appropriate visuals – including all of the symbolic buildings and landmarks you’re looking for – in a dynamic way that truly pops off screen. After months and months of hard work, we were eventually able to flip the image we had in our minds into the breathtaking and immersive town you’ll now be able to experience in our unique RPG.

As mentioned before, the Fairy Tail game will cover most of the second half of the anime, starting with the Grand Magic Games and carrying through the Tartaros Arc. It will contain both an adaptation of the story as well as original material for players to experience and will release for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 20th.

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