The Film The Whole World Needs To See Right Now: Weathering With You Reviewed

by Tito W. James

Weathering With You is the latest film from director Makoto Shinkai (Your Name) and continues the theme of a star-crossed love story with a supernatural twist.

The film follows the relationship between a teenage runaway and a girl with the ability to summon sunshine. The story plays out like a modern fairytale, complete with serious threats and shady characters to counterbalance the moments of wonder.

Weathering With You’s is also a welcome respite from generic blockbuster movies. The film’s set-pieces are about emotion instead of mayhem and destruction. The excitement of the film comes from learning about these rich characters rather than chasing after a mcguffin or defusing a doomsday device. It’s sophisticated, symphonic storytelling; Weathering With You focuses on the journey rather than the “heroics”

Weathering With You is a triumphant successor to Your Name, a reminder of the transformative power of cinema, and renewal of one’s faith in humanity.

Weathering With You is now playing in select theaters.

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