Samurai Shodown Announces A Second Season Of Characters

by Sage Ashford

During this year’s EVO Japan, SNK Japan revealed the second season for Samurai Shodown. There’s four characters in all, with the first character being Mina Majikina, a warrior who relies on her archery skills in combat. Mina will be the first DLC character, and shewill be released in February.
Next up is Sogetsu Kazama, who seems to rely on a pair of short blades and a ton of elemental, water-based attacks. Sogetsu doesn’t have a release date — or even a release month — just yet. Lastly, there’s Iroha, a woman who looks like a strange mix of a kunoichi and a maid.  Interestingly enough, with each new character they gave less and less information. Mina came with gameplay and a release date, Sogetsu came with a snippet of gameplay and nothing more, while the only thing we saw of Iroha was her design. The fourth DLC character remains unrevealed.   If this trailer is anything to go by, the characters will likely be revealed over the full length of 2020; meaning one every two or three months, so we’re a ways from the final character.
Samurai Shodown is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. A Nintendo Switch version is also due out on February 25th. A PC release remains in development as well.

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