‘Killadelphia’ #2 and #3 Get Second Printings After Selling Out

by Olly MacNamee

In Killadelphia #2, Jimmy’s horrifying discoveries regarding his father’s murder lead him to seek police coroner Jose Padilla’s help. But when they discover the force behind Philadelphia’s vampire outbreak is none other than former U.S. President John Adams, will Jimmy’s investigation reveal a way to save the city, or is he just dragging Jose to hell with him?

Having already announced second printings for Jeff Lemire and Phil Hester’s Family Tree #2 and #3 Image Comics have now revealed another sell-out with vampire-horror title Killadelphia #2 and #3 also now on the way to a second printing.
And, like Lemire and Hester’s second printings, Killadelphia #2 and #3 second printings will be available to buy on February 26th from Image Comics and the creative team of award winning writer/producer Rodney Barnes (Marvel’s Runaways, Starz’s American Gods) and artist Jason Shawn Alexander (Spawn).
In Killadelphia #3, founding father John Adams has stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself as the undead source of Philadelphia’s vampire outbreak. With a legion at his command, he makes plans to cut the rot from America’s core. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jose must fight for their lives at the city morgue as the dead rise off their slabs.


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