Cherry Darling Meets Batman: The Animated Series In ‘Swiss Army Woman’

by James Ferguson

Just in case you needed another reminder that comics is the best medium out there, here comes Swiss Army Woman. It centers on a young woman with a giant Swiss Army knife for a leg ready to defend the country against any and all attackers. Just look at this description:

Upon losing her leg in a freak Olympic super-g ski accident in the Swiss Alps, a young woman is outfitted with top secret (yet all too familiar) technology, and becomes a one woman weapons program for a clandestine military from a supposedly neutral country! Now, instead of returning to her normal life, she proudly fights to defend Swiss interests at home and abroad. Chocolate Barons, Evil Bankers, and Giant Alien Clocks… all bent on world domination!! Good thing the Swiss Army have a special operative with every weapon, tool, or gadget their country requires… all attached to her right thigh! She is any tool the Swiss need, for any job her nation requires…She is… The Swiss Army Woman!

Where else are you going to find something like that? Swiss Army Woman comes from writer Jason Martin, artist Marco Maccagni, colorist Geraldo Filho, and letterer Justin Birch. The creators are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the comic’s release. At the time of this writing, the campaign has already surpassed its funding goal and is working towards stretch goals. The campaign ends on February 12th, 2020. Rewards include the comic itself with a number of variant covers available.
Writer Jason Martin says:

Fans of beloved action cartoon franchises of the 80s and 90s will love what we’re doing here. Taking Switzerland and its rich iconography and mining that for our setting and characters. With a colorful rogue’s gallery like you’d find in Batman TAS’ Gotham, or the iconic foes from G.I. Joe A Real American Hero or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s all very rich to play with thematically, and really lets the character and concept shine. All-out fun in a book chock full of crazy cartoon action, that crafts something new from a myriad of popular touchstones!

There are six variant covers in all from artists Marco Maccagni, Catman, Josh Howard, Bill McKay, Edward Punn, and Boo Rudetoons. The comic is expected to be published and delivered to backers in March 2020.

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