Preview: Keep On Truckin’ With ‘Marvels X’ #2 By Ross, Krueger And Well-Bee

by Olly MacNamee

Serving as a prequel to the alternative future MCU trilogy, Earth X, the sophomore issue of Marvels X comes out this Wednesday 02.12.2020 from Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Well-Bee. David, our guide to this reality, arrives in New York City, thanks to the help of a friendly truck driver. A truck driver with a secret. Check out the preview of Marvels X #2 below.

David’s arrival in New York doesn’t bring the safety he had hoped it would. And while he does indeed find some heroes, he also finds that they don’t know what to do in a world where everyone they ever fought to protect now wants only to blame them for the hell the world has transformed into. Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Well-Bee continue the amazing prequel to the Earth X trilogy.

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