Devil’s Due Comics’ ‘ArkWorld’ Makes Long-Awaited Debut In April

by James Ferguson

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the debut issue of ArkWorld will be making its way to digital and physical stores this April with subsequent issues released every six months. Publisher Devil’s Due Comics is now taking pre-orders for the first volume, presented in a 48-page prestige-format mixing science fiction, fantasy, archaeology, and ancient technology into a new genre called Archeopunk.

Seth and Cleito are two normal people in love, who happen to live in the year 11,000 BCE.  Their story begins on the tenth anniversary of the day the “Gods” left. Who — or what — the “Gods” were, we don’t know. But in the wake of their depature, this once-thriving civilization now teeters on the brink of disaster.

ArkWorld is written by Josh Blaylock, illustrated by Travis Hymel, colored by Jasen Smith, and lettered by Micah Myers. The first volume will feature six different covers featuring work from Kristofer Harris, Jordan Gunderson, Genevieve Broomall, Hoyt Silva, Matt Merhoff, and Larry Watts.
Writer Josh Blaylock says:

ArkWorld is an epic adventure set in the present and distant past, which takes the premise that everything we’ve been told about history prior to 5000 BC was wrong. And while the story gets fantastical, its geography and technology are rooted in actual real-world artifacts and locations.

The comic has been in development for nearly a decade, evolving over time to coincide with the latest archaeological and DNA discoveries.

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