Preview: ‘The Rise And Fall Of The Trigan Empire’ A Beautiful British Classic Complete At Last

by Richard Bruton

The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire is a true classic, a science-fiction epic that’s finally going to receive the complete publication fans have long wished for. Volume One is out in March and it’s our pleasure to give you a preview of this incredible and important work of Brit comics.
The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire is one of those books, the sort talked about with wistful nostalgia (like the words of Gaiman on the cover) by those who were lucky enough to see it when it was published in the pages of first Ranger and then Look & Learn. This weekly 2-pages of beauty was the comic that parents didn’t mind you reading.

Under the leadership of Trigo, the Vorg tribesmen band together to resist the Lokan invaders, forming a new country, The Trigan Empire. This is the epic story of its rise and fall. Featuring an extraordinary combination of the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, Trigo’s story is told in groundbreaking fully painted artwork. Originally published in Ranger magazine, it transferred to the hugely popular Look and Learn where it ran for over a decade. This is the first in a series collecting all the stories painted by the legendary Don Lawrence.

Featuring epic tales of ancient cultures, it’s something that, with a lesser artist, could have come across as both dry and preposterous. Yet, with the art of the brilliant Don Lawrence, the work has a majesty and beauty that is all of its own. And here’s your chance to see the entire tale from the very beginning.

The material here in Volume One collects the comics from Ranger (September 1965 – June 1966) and Look & Learn (June 1966 – May 1967) after Ranger merged into the title.
The plan from Rebellion is to completely publish all of the Don Lawrence Trigan Empire across four volumes, something that’s never been done before.

It’s been reprinted in part over the years, but this time it’s being properly, completely, and with the fabulous reproduction we’ve come to expect from these Treasury releases – as you can see from the extended preview we’ve got for you below…

The Rise and Fall of The Trigan Empire Volume One – written by Mike Butterworth with art by Don Lawrence – published on 19 March (UK) 17 March (US) by Rebellion and The Treasury of British Comics.

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