Oni Press Launches Online Pop Up Shop For ECCC Exclusives

by James Ferguson

Emerald City Comic Con may be postponed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on some of the sweet convention exclusive merch that was going to be there. Oni Press has opened an exclusive online pop up shop for ECCC exclusives, debuting the first merchandise produced in a new partnership with Achewood creator Chris Onstad along with other con goodies without the crud!

Oni Press publisher, James Lucas Jones says:
While the decision not to attend was difficult for many reasons, one of our first considerations was supporting the creators and books we had planned to promote there. We realize many of our creators depend on convention income, and want to do our part to help where we can through sales of their books and merchandise. Additionally, we want to bring as much of the convention experience to fans as possible, despite our lack of a presence on the show floor.

Oni Press will ship all items out at no charge so there’s no additional cost, plus 10% off all items featured. Check out some of the exclusive variant covers for recent comics below.

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