Review: ‘Cable’ #1 May Change Krakoa Forever And Maybe The Entire Marvel Universe With It

by Tony Thornley

About two years ago now, young Cable burst onto the scene by murdering his older self. Since then the character has struggled to find his place in the Marvel Universe. However, the first issue of his first ever series is determined to change that.

Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, and Joe Sabino kick off Cable’s newest adventure in Cable #1.

Cable is still finding his place on Krakoa, working with the younger X-Men to become the hero he is destined to become. However, the adventure finds him when an alien artifact lands in his lap. Will he discover what it means both for himself and the entire Marvel Universe?

Duggan’s already demonstrated that he’s on top of the entire Dawn of X concept. The issue is full of fantastic world building but also an engaging story. The opening pages are not just a fun sidebar, but they show how the X-Men are blowing off steam (also who’s the biggest badass on the island), but they lead to the main plot. 

Duggan also does a fantastic job playing with all the toys in the toybox. The issue literally touches on mutant pro wrestling, monsters from Arakko, Rom Spaceknight and the one X-Men crossover that never ends- Inferno. It seems like it would be too much, but it comes together in a coherent and entertaining whole (and an absolutely killer final page).

Noto is an absolute juggernaut, a modern master of his craft, and this issue proves it. Though his figure work is static, it’s not stiff or overly rigid. His painterly colors make Krakoa come to life, but gives the wild island backdrop a bit more subdued and lived in feel than other Dawn of X stories have. He also has a great sense of action, making the pages dynamic and exciting. It’s a gorgeous issue, probably one of the best looking Marvel issues of the year so far.

Cable has finally fully entered the Dawn of X, in perhaps the most unexpected way possible. It’s a fun read, and I can’t wait for more.

Cable #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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