The Arrowverse Reschedules Around Coronavirus Outbreak; ‘Stargirl’ To Debut May 19 On The CW

by Erik Amaya

Stargirl‘s long-awaited debut will have to wait just a little longer.
TVLine reports the series will now debut Monday, May 18th on DC Universe and on The CW the following day; a week later than originally planned. The move comes as the network continues to juggle the remaining episodes of its current Spring lineup. Episodes of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and others are in inventory, but The CW is held on to them in the hopes production on those shows (or post-production in the case of Legends) may resume. Some, like The Flash, will air in mid-April.
Based on the character created by Geoff Johns and Lee ModerStargirl stars Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore, a teenager from Los Angeles who moves to Blue Valley, Nebraska when her mother (Amy Smart) remarries. She soon discovers her new stepfather, Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson), was the sidekick of the Golden Age superhero Starman (Joel McHale). Taking Starman’s Cosmic Staff for herself, Courtney adopts the identity of Stargirl and inspires a new generation of heroes to join the Justice Society of America. The series will also feature Anjelika Washington and a surprising number of Golden Age JSAers, including Lou Ferrigno Jr as Hourman, Henry Thomas as Dr. Midnite and Brian Stapf as Wildcat. The series will also feature a modern day Injustice Society composed of actors Joy Osmanski, Neil Hopkins and Nelson Lee as villains Tigress, Sportsmaster and Dragon King.
Meanwhile, Variety reports shows like The Flash and Supernatural have been postponed to a later time in 2020 as the original timetable for dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak has been extended. Completed shows like Stargirl and In The Dark will slowly take over timeslots vacated by the shuttered series across April, May and June. Their storylines will be resolved at some point before their subsequent seasons begin later in the year.
That news may be the most troubling for fans of Supernatural; which was expect to conclude its 15-year run this may. But executive producer Andrew Dabb has assured fans the series will finish as intended once it is safe to resume production.
In the interim, the CW plans to re-air “Crisis on Infinite Earths” across the week of April 6th before The Flash returns on April 14th. Sadly, it is unclear if the other Arrowverse shows will return as their post-production schedules also took a beating as the outbreak spread across the world. This is the reason Legends, despite wrapping production earlier this year, has also gone on an extended hiatus alongside The Flash, Supergirl, and Batwoman. As it happens, the most recent episode of the latter program felt like a season finale and could easily halt production until the fall. Supergirl‘s situation is more precarious with star Melissa Benoist‘s pregnancy.
Originally, the series planned to bank several Season 6 episodes in May before the actor went on maternity leave. Now, that will not happen; setting the series up for a longer hiatus than expected.
Of course, all of this may change in the coming weeks. And we’ll be here to map those changes as the Arrowverse goes into a forced hibernation.

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