‘DC Universe All Star Games’ Adds Extra Episode

by Erik Amaya

And true to its roleplaying game origins, DC Universe All Star Games is going to run long.
As announced in the fifth episode of the series, the “Breakfast League” story will be adding one additional episode next Friday, April 3rd. Additionally, all six episodes will be free to stream on the DC Universe app and website the same day.
In the series, former Supergirl star Sam Witwer runs a game using the 1980s DC Heroes RPG donated by pal and player Freddie Prinze Jr. Along for the ride are Vanessa Marshall, Claire Grant and WWE’s Xavier Woods as group of high schoolers from the 80’s stuck in Saturday detention. But along the way, the group finds out they are more than just high schoolers.
The show recreates a lot of the feel of a day spent playing a RPG, so its running long is definitely true to the spirit of things. And DC Universe notes “The Breakfast League” is merely the first story in what is intended to be an anthology series. Will we see more? Hopefully. Witwer is a fun GM and series like it and Critical Role have proved people will watch others game; particularly if they have good improv chops.
DC Universe All Star Games streams on DC Universe.

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