Sit Back And Relax With This 19 Page Preview Of ‘Medicine: A Graphic History’ From SelfMade Hero

by Olly MacNamee

No new comics again this week? Not quite true. Here in the UK SelfMade Hero are publishing their graphic novel trip through time looking at the history of medicine in Medicine: A Graphic History. Out this Thursday 9th April her in the UK, and May 5th in the USA. if what you see below is something you’ll be picking up, can we ask that you go ask your local comic book store – or for that matter our favourite independent book store – to save you a copy, or order one in? Cheers.
Written by Jean-Noël Fabiani with art by Philippe Bercovici it’s an exhaustive an entertaining look at the plagues, pestilence and medical practices of the past and present in a 240 page graphic novel. And, the good people, of SelfMade Hero have give us a whopping 19 page preview. A lot more fun than any text book I ever had to read, that’s for sure.

In the Middle Ages, surgery was performed by barbers due to their skill with sharp instruments. In the mid-19th century, a “grand exhibition” of the effects of laughing gas inadvertently led to the discovery of anesthesia. Three decades later, Louis Pasteur enjoyed a crucial breakthrough in his search for vaccinations because his assistant decided, against his orders, to take a vacation.
Here, cardiac surgeon and professor of medical history Jean-Noël Fabiani stitches together the most significant and intriguing episodes from the history of medicine, from chance breakthroughs to hard-fought scientific discoveries. Spanning centuries and crossing continents, this funny, fast-paced yet rigorously detailed graphic novel guides us through one of the most wondrous strands of human history, covering everything from bloodletting to organ donation, X-rays, and prosthetics.

Medicine: A Graphic History can also buy it here in the UK from Foyles, Hive  and Amazon.

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