Sunday Service (Part 2): Taking A Look At All-Age Comic Book ‘Bëorn: The Littlest Viking Saga’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Starting off our look at Kickstarter campaigns that we think you may like is a look at an all-ages read that has already exceeded it’s goal by over 1000%! And that’s this fun looking all-ages read in the same vein as Asterix, but with a kid and his troll sidekick as the main characters and instead of Gauls, these tykes are Vikings in Ben Bender’s Bëorn: The Littlest Viking Saga #1.

This book will print the first chapter of Beorn’s saga. In it, readers will be introduced to Beorn, and the fantastical island on which he lives. You will get a first look at the magic (and danger!) that awaits our little Viking. What adventure will find young Beorn as he travels this new land? What mystery? What peril? And will the Littlest Viking be big enough to rise to the challenges that come his way?

With an artistic soul reminiscent of the great Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, I reckon this could be as popular with older readers as it will be with the young berserker in your life. And with the success of this first chapter, you’ll be guaranteed further chapters down the line too.

With pledges ranging from just $2 for a digital download if this 24 page comic book, to higher pledges and more rewards – such as the $65 pledge which will get you a signed copy of Bëorn: The Little Viking Saga #1, a 4×6 Ink and Brush Sketch of Bëorn as well as two art prints, PDF copy and all the unlocked stretch goals – it’s a campaign that offers quite a bit for not too much of an initial layout. Especially as one of those unlocked stretch goals is a hardback copy of the book.
Why not check it out for yourself now, here. And, take a look at some fo the eye-catching artwork below too.

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