Sunday Service (Part 3): ‘Meow the Infinite: Book One’ Is A Whimsical Sci-Fi For All Ages

by Olly MacNamee

Originally to launch at this year’s Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, Anna Rettberg and Casey Muratori, the creators of Meow the Infinite: Book One have taken it to Kickstarter with a good-to-go 180 page graphic novel ready to print and distribute to fans.

Meow the Infinite is whimsical sci-fi, so there are more outlandish creatures and mystical environments than there are interstellar senates or ruminations on the future of humanity. It’s definitely its own world, on its own timeline.
Although our heroes do explore the galaxy in traditional space opera fashion, Meow the Infinite is sweet, it’s personal, and it’s an intimate portrait of the characters that deals with a rough time in their lives. No one is getting shot, nobody is swearing, etc.

Now, of course, the creators are more than aware of the pandemic slowing down printing across the nation, but you don’t need trucks and able-bodied truck drivers to deliver a digital copy that will become available to anyone backing a pledge that includes a digital download, as well as subsequent chapters too, for no additional cost. It’s another project that’s exceeded it’s original goal, and available for backing over the next three weeks, as of time of posting this.
Here’s a preview of the book which you can read more about and choose to back, if you wish, here now.

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