Preview: Superman Tales On The Parasite In ‘Superman Man of Tomorrow’ DC Digital First

by Olly MacNamee

Yesterday we brought you the news that DC Comics were releasing comic books previously appearing as part of their WalMart DC Giant range repackaged online as DC Digital First. A strange branding given they’re stories already published in print. Still, these stories could well be seen for the first time by many new eyes, especially in countries where there are no WalMarts. In other words, everywhere else. So, of you are one of those, we thought you might appreciate a preview or two, starting with Superman Man of Tomorrow by writer Robert Venditti and artist Paul Pelletier, inker Drew Hennessy and colorist Adriano Lucas.
Available now on comiXology for 99 cents.

Metropolis, the City of Tomorrow, is plunged into a blackout. Superman needs to find the cause of the crisis but is he prepared to face the energy-hungry Parasite?

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