The Weekly 2000 AD Prog 2181: Dredd Says Stay Home – You Better Listen

by Richard Bruton

The Weekly 2000 AD… Week in and week out, giving you the preview of the new 2000 AD Prog. The UK’s best sci-fi weekly since 1977. four decades and still going strong.

Cover by Jake Lynch

Prog 2181 is out in the UK and on digital on 13 May from newsagents and comic shops. At least any comic shops that are open, as this lockdown continues. Please, please, your LCS should offer a standing order service, mail order, maybe even kerb-side pickup – and now is the time to make use of them now. Step up and support the comic shops that keep the industry going. And wash your hands.

JUDGE DREDD: CHIMPSKY’S LAW – PART 4Kenneth Niemand, PJ Holden, colours by Quinton Winter, letters by Annie Parkhouse
Oh, it was all going so well for Noam Chimpsky, supporting his old Judge, sorting out the crime in his block – and then along comes Dredd to mess it all up, doing the fitness assessment on Judge Stenz, and coming across the anti-J terror plot Noam was in the middle of dealing with.
More fun with MC-1’s greatest simian vigilante… and it really is loads of fun, even when it’s dealing with a load of non too bright anti-J terrorists. However, Noam’s careful plans are all about to go out the window once Dredd gets involved in things.
So much fun – although maybe not for Noam. Again, loads of great artwork from Holden, a great Dredd artist that often doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

AQUILA: THE BURNING FIELDS – PART 8 – FINAL PARTGordon Rennie, Patrick Goddard, colours by Pippa Bowland, letters by Jim Campbell
Vesuvius is doing its thing and Herculaneum is burning, bodies everywhere – the burning fields. And then there’s Aquila, in a completely different burning field of his own. He’s finally made it down to Hades and he’s looking for Nero – yes, that one.
The series ends, but it’s coming back in ‘The Rivers of Hades’.

SURVIVAL GEEKS: CRISIS OF INFINITE NERDS – PART 7Emma Beeby, Gordon Rennie, Neil Googe, colours by Gary Caldwell, letters by Annie Parkhouse
Getting to the end now, as we discover just who managed to make it through to the end of the Crystal Maze… mostly intact as well. Three different groups of Geeks left… or should that be four? Again with the hmmmm. It looks like next episode will give us the reveal of the Celestial Synchronicity Conundrum. Make your guesses now kids.
A great episode for Googe’s art, where he gets to show just how good he is when it comes to action as well as the ridiculous stuff and the unreal amount of detail that goes into all of this.

FUTURE SHOCKS – SCAVENGERSRory McConville, Andrea Mutti, letters by Simon Bowland
Back to a Future Shock to fill the gap left by Skip Tracer, and it’s a chance to look at some glorious b&w artwork from Andrea Mutti, currently in the Megazine with the video-game adaptation of Zombie Army. Always nice to see b&w stuff, especially when it’s something like Mutti’s light linework here.
As for the story – well, it’s love, infidelity, and an alien apocalypse and a very well done mini twist in the tale (of course).

HERSHEY: DISEASE – PART 7Rob Williams, Simon Fraser, letters by Simon Bowland
Another change in the logo here, with Falcao’s Enceladus energy crackling through. He’s wanting to expand his kingdom, make a few trade deals, spread the energy around – but that’s something Hershey just isn’t going to allow.
Oh, not one little bit…

After the rather surprising body horrors of last episode, here it’s a rejuvenated Hershey, kicking ass and doing it with style.
And that style is all coming out of Fraser’s artwork, with those gorgeous looking colour tones really making this one look completely different.

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