Tom Ellis Sets ‘Lucifer’ Season 6 Contract

by Erik Amaya

Netflix has made another deal with the devil.
The obvious pun, of course, means actor Tom Ellis has signed on to appear in a sixth season of Lucifer should the streaming giant decide to commission another round of episodes. Of course, this seems pretty likely as Netflix previously arranged new contracts for showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson.
Ellis’s participation was not a done deal despite a previous contract for Season 6. But, as TVLine reports, this has been resolved even if the actor is still technically in breach of that previous deal.
No matter the business maneuvers behind the scenes, the news that the Devil is back in play will delight fans of the series, which ran on Fox for four seasons before getting cancelled do to low ratings. Netflix swooped in a few months later commissioning a fifth season and opening the door for a sixth.
We’ll admit this series was not our cup of mead when it began. As fans of Mike Carey‘s Vertigo series (alongside artists like Peter Gross and Dean Ormston), we couldn’t imagine shrinking its premise into a Fox police procedural could be any good. The first episode did little to make us hopeful, but its continued survival leads us to reconsider this appraisal and we may add it to our watch list over the summer. Then again, its longevity may be an actual deal with the devil…
Lucifer streams on Netflix.

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