Super Sunday: The Bat-Family Edition

by Olly MacNamee

With Batman #92 finally hitting shelves of any comic book stores actually open this coming week, we thought it about time we scheduled another all Batman Super Sunday of previews. But, for many of us, these previews can be seen as a reminder of what to ask our local store to add to our pull lists for a time when it will be safe to go pick ’em up in person, if your LCBS isn’t doing home deliveries or curb-side drop-offs. Anyway, with all the disruption this pandemic has caused, it’s good to know what’s coming out after so much uncertainly.
So, throughout this afternoon we’ll be bringing you previews of all Batman related titles coming out from DC Comics this week, including a look at Nigtwing #71, Harley Quinn #73, Batman Secret Files #3, The Batman Grave #7 and more. As ever, we’ll be here on the hour, every hour throughout the afternoon.

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