Review: Welcome To Mutantkind’s Nightmare In ‘New Mutants’ #10

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Mike Del Mundo

The New Mutants are quickly establishing themselves as Krakoa’s troubleshooters. However, in just their second mission though, they might have gotten themselves in over their heads.

While a team of young adults diving into morally grey situations might seem like a perfect fit (not really), doing it in a hostile foreign country is definitely bad. That’s part of what Ed Brisson, Flaviano, Carlos Lopez, Travis Lanham and Tom Muller explore in this issue.

The young woman whose nightmares have come to life has already absorbed half the team. Now the other half have to make a desperate gambit to save their friends and the young mutant before the hostile government forces step in. Can they achieve their goal and prevent an international incident?

Brisson has crafted a fun story on several levels. The interpersonal interactions are truly the spine of the series. These characters feel like genuine human beings with a real bond between them. Moonstar’s concern for her teammates in particular stands out. Brisson also continues to make Boom Boom a standout, a young woman with a funny side but also a lot of hidden depth. The tense standoff also explores the new world with Krakoa in it, while still feeling like a classic X-Men story.

Flaviano’s line work gets better with each issue. His depiction of the nightmares is genuinely creepy (especially Karma in the first few pages of the issue), but he’s also able to do a really solid job with the characters later. Their bonds really come through as they work together to rescue the child who has become their objective. Lopez makes the art come to life and jump off the page, especially for the nightmare as well. It’s really solid work that gets better with each issue by the creative team.

Striking the balance of superhero adventure and teenage soap opera is difficult. Brisson, Flaviano and team have done a really good job here. It’s a reliably fun read every month.

New Mutants #10 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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