Preview: Is The Joker Recruiting The Court Of Owls To His War In ‘Detective Comics’ #1023?

by Olly MacNamee

Is it just me or is the Joker behaving far less insane than usual and more like an evil genius these days? After all, he is plotting the forthcoming ‘Joker War’, which gets another prelude in this week’s Detective Comics #1023 from Peter J Tomasi, Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy. And, he’s doing rather well with his plans for a madman. Here’s a preview of this Tuesday July 7th’s new issue.
“Just when you thought it was safe to crack a smile, The Joker is back to crash the party! Hot on the heels of “Joker War,” the Clown Prince of Crime is revealed as the mastermind behind Two-Face’s turmoil — but to what end? Batman will need all the allies he can get, and what better ally than Harvey Dent? Can the Dark Knight cure his friend once and for all in time to fight the greatest battle of his life?”


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