Something For The Weekend: Ten To Take Away For This Independence Day

by Olly MacNamee

By now, I imagine any and all readers over in States are know-deep in celebrating July 4th and your independence from us Brits. But, for those who might just be catching a bit of downtime during the celebrations, we give you your weekly ten to takeaway.

  1. Our weekly Monday afternoon preview of 2000AD seems to be going from strength to strength, which may well be a refection of some of the greats strips to be found within as well as the recent return of ex-Chief Judge Hershey a few weeks back. Check out our preview of last week’s Prog here.
  2. A couple of previews that grabbed your attention and BOTH coming from AHOY Comics, were Billionaire Island #2 and Captain Ginger #4 digital only release.
  3. Staying with Mark Russell and Steve Pugh’s Billionaire Island #2 and our review of this new issue can be read here. Who says there’s no room in comics from politics? After all, comic strips grew out of satirising such institutions, so why the problem now, right?
  4. Benjamin Hall reviewed Dark Red #10 by Tim Seeley, Aaron Gillespie and Corin Howell here.
  5. Johnny Dynamite: Explosive Pre-Code Crime Comics And The Complete Adventures Of Pete Morisi’s Wild Man Of Chicago was another comic we took a deep dive into, another new book reviewed this past week by Ben here.
  6. The news that Scott Lodbell has stepped down from his freelance commitment to DC Comics was a rightfully hot topic this week, as the latest comic book creator coming under pressure for past allegations of sexual harassment from numerous women online. Not the first time such allegations have come to light, but the first time some sort of tangible consequence for these alleged actions has occurred. Whether this ‘step down’ was Scott ideas or otherwise.
  7. In other news, Humanoids signed up Ibrahim Moustafa this week in a three graphic novel book deal with the first being an adaption of The Count of Monte Cristo called Count.
  8. Crowdfunded comics have grown and grown to become a legitimate alternative publishing model or many, such as the recent Kickstarter campaign for The Bone Herder which met its initial goal after just over half an hour. Read more about this new comic book here, as Malissa White catches up with Zaire N. Lanier to talk about the campaign and this new book, too.
  9. Moving away from comics and the news that the new animated comedy show, Star Trek: Lower Decks, is to debut this August was met by Trekkies one and all with elation. Here’s more from Erik Amaya on this new show and its launch date now.
  10. Last, but not least, on the toy collecting front and the chance to grab a limited edition Transformers/Back to the Future DeLorean must have many fans of both these 80s classics salivating. But at only 1985 created, you’re going to have to be very, very quick off the mark to buy one. Read all about this new action figure release here.

And, that’s your lot for another weekend. Happy Independence Day, everyone. And, stay safe while celebrating, won’t you?

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