Art For Art’s Sake # 60 – Art Makes The World A Better Place (And We Need That More Than Ever)

by Richard Bruton

It’s Art For Art’s Sake again… more of that there loverly artwork from that there t’Internet…
Jill Thompson – Wonder Woman

Joelle Jones

John Hicklenton – ‘Blood-of-Satanus’ – published in Judge Dredd Megazine #257–265

Joker – Simon Bisley

Jonah Hex – Frank Quitely

Jordi Bernet

Steve Dillon – Preacher

James Harren – DK III

Stephane Roux – Corto Maltese commission

Bill Sienkievicz – Corto Maltese commission…

Dan Mcdaid – Dredd

Nick Derrington – Robotman

Clea & Doc Strange – Andrew Robinson

Charles Burns

Darryl Cunningham: “Back in 1997, as a follow up to the Marvel Sketchbook, I compiled a British Comics Sketchbook, in which I asked cartoonists I knew to send in their versions of British comic book characters.”
Steve Martin‘s Rupert The Bear

Nick Abadzis – Brassneck

Simon Gane – Dennis the Menace

Louise Evans – Wilf

Jonathan Edwards – Plug

John Miller – Robot Archie

Christopher John Webster – Minnie The Minx

Craig Conlan – Galaxus and Frankiestein

Keith Giffen – a much-underrated writer & artist in my view and one who really splits opinion. I’m a big fan, particularly of the work he put out mid-career, when he was particularly influenced by the wonderful Jose Munoz
Okay, influenced might be a nice way to put it… but when I first saw Giffen’s art in this style I’d not seen Munoz yet and it’s always been something I’ll always enjoy.

Detective Comics 600…

Jonah Hex…

Doctor Fate…

And of course… Ambush Bug…

And then there’s the fill-in he did in the middle of that incredible run on Justice League, co-written by Giffen and Dematteis and drawn by Kevin Mcguire. The Giffen and Al Gordon drawn JLI issue 13 of 1988 where the League took on the Suicide Squad was another shift to soften the artwork to fit into McGuire’s look and style on the comic…

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