Peview: Bringing Sexy Back In ‘Money Shot’ #6 From Vault Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Sex sells. But, it’s not always a s humorously presented as it is in Money Shot from Tim Seeley, Rebecca Isaacs and K Michael Russell. The space-faring pornucopia is back with today; release of Money Shots #6 and a brand new adventure for the crew who have found a novel way to crowdfund their scientific research, as any regular reader will know all to well.
“The XXX-plorers embark on their second mission to a naughty world (that may have inspired the biblical Hell…or at the very least ripped it off). But whips, chains and spanks have nothing on the torture of STD testing! Meanwhile, a powerful romance rocks an alien empire to its core, with intimate consequences for our scientists-turned-porn-stars!

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