‘Lucifer’ Returns With An Unexpected Twist In New Season 5A Trailer

by Erik Amaya

The first part of Lucifer‘s fifth season debuts next month. And as this trailer for the upcoming Season “5A” indicates, Chloe (Lauren German) will throw herself into police work while morning the loss of the Morningstar (Tom Ellis), but his sudden return means things are back to normal … or are they? It seems another member of the family is coming to Los Angeles and he has a plan to divinely mess up Lucifer’s life. Wonder what that will mean when the Prince of Hell himself returns to mop up?

The rivalry between Lucifer and Micheal was always one of the most interesting elements of the book, even after its conclusion. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, provided we finally catch up on the show in time to watch this collection of episodes. But considering how much the series diverges from the comic book, we doubt the more existential elements of Micheal’s mission will appear in the show.
Though already renewed for a sixth and “final FINAL” season, the second half of the fifth season still needs to be completed. Production shutter in the waked of the COVID-19 pandemic, but with Canada slowly gearing up to resume production on its shows, we expect Season “5B” will be among the programs returning to film soon.
Lucifer returns to Netflix on August 21st.

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