Review: Mutant Town Is Home Sweet Home In ‘TMNT #106’

by James Ferguson

With the Turtles finally moving on after the death of their father and finding some semblance of normalcy in Mutant Town, the dangers are not entirely gone. New ones are lurking in the shadows ready to strike.

With one arc complete in this new status quo for the heroes in a half shell, I was hoping the action would pick up a bit more. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #106 is a little slow and redundant, as we’ve seen most of these slices of life already. Writer Ronda Pattison handled the script based on Sophie Campbell’s story, so it’s a continuation of what we’ve seen since issue #100. Since we’ve spent a good amount of time with this already and showed how the Turtles have gotten their closure, I want this to get going to the next arc soon.
Now we’re seeing how each character is settling into their spaces, learning how to deal with new allies and companions. A nice example of this is Leo who has gone from handling his brothers to teaching a karate class to a bunch of kids. He’s not used to that kind of interaction, so he’s adjusting. Letterer Shawn Lee adds some nice emotion to this sequence with how Leo reacts to his new charge.

One aspect of this new normal that I really like is how we see the Turtles in a casual setting. They’re not always in their typical gear ready for battle. Instead, they let their bandannas down and relax. Artist Nelson Daniel imbues them all with such life, showcasing their personalities so you can tell which Turtle is which even if they’re not wearing their regular colors.
Pattison also handles the colors for TMNT #106 and emphasizes this aspect of the characters too. This isn’t surprising as she’s been coloring this book for some time and has developed a great palette that suits them well. There’s a nice balance to the book, mixing the grit and grime of the shadows with the bright warmth of the Turtles’ home. It speaks to the warmth of the characters and the family dynamic.

The cast is definitely expanding in TMNT, adding to the family idea. It’s a new type of clan as they all look out for one another, including the young ones. It’s interesting to put the Turtles in the role formerly played by their father, Splinter. They’re the mentors, advisors, teachers, and caregivers for these kids and they’re taking that very seriously.
The seeds have been planted for the next phase of the Ninja Turtles lives and they’re just starting to bear fruit. I’m anxious to see the harvest and I’ve run this metaphor into the ground. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time crafting and cultivating this new status quo so now that we’re used to it, I’m excited to see where the story goes.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #106 from IDW Publishing is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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