Comic-Con@Home Exclusive: ComiXology’s ‘Virtually Yours’ Gets An Eclectic Spotify Playlist

by Olly MacNamee

Music is very important to me. I can honestly say it’s often on throughout the day in our house as an integral soundtrack to my day. It’s on now as I write this. And, like others I’m sure, the choice of music I play can often reflect the mood I find myself in, or help me achieve a certain state-of-mind too. And, it would seem I’m not the only one who holds music up as such an important part of my life as Jeremy Holt, co-creator and writer of Virtually Yours – the new graphic novel available now on comiXology Originals –  explains exclusively to
“Music is a driving force in my life and is the quickest way to get to know me. Whenever I start preliminary work on a story, I often compile a playlist of songs that help establish and maintain a specific ambience, effectively getting me into the headspace to write (but that’s a long list!). By knowing what type of music and bands that a particular character is into enables me to understand their motivations within the context of the story. For Virtually Yours, I had two very distinct protagonists to use as my muses.”
Wanna know more about this new 100-page graphic novel? Here’s the lowdown:

‘In Virtually Yours, career-minded Eva Estrella is tired of her family asking when she’s going to settle down. Why won’t they stop nagging her? New York City is a big place! Sure it’s easy to meet people, but you try finding “the one” in a city of 8 million! Besides, Eva doesn’t want a distraction from her goal of finding a dream job in journalism. So Eva joins Virtually Yours, a virtual dating app that provides all the proof of being in a relationship — without actually being in one.

And then there’s Max Kittridge. He might be a former child star, but right now he’s in the middle of a divorce and going through the motions. Max takes a gig at Virtually Yours creating, what becomes, a highly sought-after profile, making him a top performer at the company. As they navigate their current circumstances, both Eva and Max find that sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you.”

Of course, if you are already are a member of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and/or comiXology Unlimited, you can read Virtually Yours for free.
So, without further ado, we are pleased to present the 5 song strong playlist for both Max and Eva – and giving reasons for each song’s inclusion on this playlist – respectively and available now for you to listen to as you read along on Spotify here, as well as an exclusive look at character designs for Eva and Max courtesy of Virtually Yours artist Elizabeth Beals.
Eclectic and electric, if nothing else, it’ll make for a great soundtrack to the forthcoming weekend:

“Low Down Rolling Stone” Gary Clark Jr. 
Max’s divorce has done a serious number on him. As relieved as he is to be out of his toxic marriage, he feels isolated by the fact that he doesn’t know how to process the trauma. Every word of this perfect heartbreak of a song strikes at the heart of his struggle and internalized guilt. 
“Put Me Thru” by Anderson.Paak
Max enjoys this song which represents the reclaiming of some agency over his life. It’s still a self-defeating track for sure, but Paak’s buoyant beats and catchy lyrics provides some much needed sonic comfort to Max. 
“Rock N’ Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)” by Handsome Boy Modeling School
Max enjoys this one as an effective mental palette cleanser. It’s a catchy and fun track that he enjoys listening to while commuting to and from the Virtually Yours office in midtown.
“DNA” by Kendrick Lamar
Max finds strength in Lamar’s confidence, lyricism, and overall artistry. He listens to this track when he’s feeling resentment towards his ex’s abusive behavior. He’ll often play this on loop like a mediative chant that helps center him.
“Now or Never Now” by Metric
Max’s thoughts drift back to his ex often. This track encapsulates his internal battle with the deterioration of his marriage and misplaced anger that he still holds in his heart. However, this track possesses a dark hopefulness that rejuvenates Max’s spirit. 

“Boss” Little Simz
Eva is laser-focused on landing a job as a journalist. This track represents her tenacity. She often listens to this during her many commutes into the city for interviews.
“Ready or Not” Fugees
Eva loves the nostalgia of this track. It immediately transports her back to her informative teenage years. She was never considered popular and harbored body issues. But it was then that she decided to value her self worth over the need for affection from boys. 
“Love Myself” Hailee Steinfeld
Eva loves her body, but it took years for her to embrace every inch. Whenever nagging self-doubt creeps in, she blasts it away with this track. It’s not uncommon for her to sing her heart out to this track in the shower. It’s her personal anthem and makes her feel like she can conquer anything.
“Good as Hell” by Lizzo
Eva worships Lizzo. This track serves as a wonderful reminder of her amazing friendship with her bestie Katie. She particularly enjoys listening to this track on her long commute from the Bronx to Brooklyn to hang with Katie at Beauty Bar. 
“Crazy, Classic, Life” by Janelle Monáe 
Eva has no interest in dating. Her mother has a very different opinion on the matter, so Eva finds reassurance in this track. Much like Lizzo, she loves Monáe’s fierce independence, and aspires to live her life on her own terms. 
You can catch Jeremy Holt on the ‘ComiXology Originals: Creator-Owned Comics and Beyond’ panel Saturday 25th July at 3pm (PT) online.

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