Review: ‘New Mutants’ #11 Lives A Nightmare

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Mike Del Mundo

It might seem like a paradox that Krakoa’s most firmly established team is called the New Mutants. However in New Mutants #11 we see why that might be their most valuable asset.

The team faces an incredible challenge on several fronts. It’s a strong statement of their mission thanks to Ed Brisson, Flaviano, Carlos Lopez, Travis Lanham and Tom Muller.

The team finds themselves dancing a fine line in the Eastern European dictatorship of Carnelia. Half the team is doing their best to rescue a young mutant girl whose reality warping dream powers could endanger the whole country, if not much of the world. Meanwhile the other half faces a hostile government whose collective crosshairs are aimed at our heroes…

Brisson leans into his strengths here, and that’s in his character dynamics. This issue works because of how well he understands the relationships between these fan favorite characters and also what makes them special as individuals. It’s an asset that elevates a fairly stock plot to something more notable. However, that plot does work to its detriment, as it makes it fairly easy to forget about what happened in the issue. If Brisson can up his game with the “what” his grasp on the “who” will put this series amongst the best that Marvel is publishing.

The art team is pouring their best into each issue though. Flaviano continues to push the limits with his storytelling, creating vivid pages both in the nightmare and the cold European night that Lopez’s colors add vibrant life too. It’s not perfect work, as he needs to work on some of his designs (especially his heavily off-model Wolfsbane), but for the most part it’s an excellent issue as far as the art goes.

This is a series that I think has a lot to love, and just needs a little more work to become top notch.

New Mutants #11 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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