Preview: ‘Justice League’ #50 Celebrates 50 Issues, If They Can Survive

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Doug Mahnke and David Baron

It’s the 50th issue of the current volume of Justice League so that means and extra-sized anniversary issue from Simon Spurrier, Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan and David Baron. Justice League #50 sees the team battle it out in space in order to prevent the latest space tyrant from plans of all-out world domination.
“Special extra-size anniversary issue! It’s the final chapter of “The Rule of War”-and all the rules are broken! On the alien planet Trotha, Empress Siddinx’s plan is revealed, and it’s nothing short of world domination – with the Justice League entangled in her puppet strings. But how can the team save a population that now hates and fears them?”

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