Review: A Krakoan Date Night In ‘Cable’ #2

by Tony Thornley

No one got more of a fresh start in Krakoa than Nathan Summers. The young time traveller has quickly grown into his role as a troubleshooter for the island nation, and in Cable #2 that role intrudes on date night…

After such a long COVID related break between issues, Cable doesn’t miss a beat. It’s almost a second debut issue with a clean story break, and that’s just what the series needed. It’s also a very fun outing by Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto, Joe Sabino, and Tom Muller.

After a mutant baby is kidnapped, Cable and the Cuckoos are on the case. As he and Esme dig into the kidnapping though, a much larger danger is about to come knocking on his door. The Knights of Galador are here for Cable’s shiny new sword…

This issue makes a great statement for what the series could be, and what Cable’s role might be. However, Duggan keeps readers on their toes by advancing the Light of Galador plot in an unexpected way. It’s also full of sharp characterization, with the best take on the Stepford Cuckoos we’ve probably seen since Bendis (which makes sense considering how well he writes Emma in Marauders).

It’s not a perfect issue there. There’s a few times that the story is more concerned about being clever than making sense. The comedy is good, but it comes at the expense of the pace of the story.

The art is full of fantastic character work as well. I’ve always loved Noto, but he shows in this issue how well-rounded he is. He’s able to make the connection between Cable and Esme feel authentic, but also sell the feel of a high school comedy on the next page as Esme’s sisters joke about the date in their living room on Krakoa. 

Where the art falls short a bit is in the colors, which are mostly very good. However in a few scenes, they feel too flat, and almost incomplete. Noto might be going for a specific feel but it doesn’t quite work, especially because the rest of the issue is colored differently.

Overall, this is an incredibly fun issue. It packs a lot into its pages and pushes the story forward in some fun ways.

Cable #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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