“Take A Midol And A Nap!” — Let’s Talk About ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4, Episode 2

by Erik Amaya

One of the great things about Wynonna Earp is the way it tears through story. An idea that might fuel a season’s worth of mucking about on other shows gets to shine here for as long as it is required. Or, in the case of certain tensions, the delay of gratification for the audience is only handful of episodes. Take the moment Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) became “WayHaught.” From Nicole’s first appearance to their first make-out on the couch Nedley (Greg Lawson) claimed never got any use was just six episodes. On, say, a network show, they might still be teasing the relationship three years later. But on Wynonna Earp, very little ever gets delayed.
Y’know, other than the show itself for the last eighteen months.
And that speedy plot movement served this week’s episode well as Waverly and Doc (Tim Rozon) were reunited with Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) in the Garden. Of course, as it turns out, the Garden is really a prison for Eve (played by almost all of the regulars this week). Start your speculation now on why the cosmic powers behind this whole mess might want to keep her a prisoner. Her, um, cheery disposition and desire to extinguish life on the mortal plane can only be part of the reason, right?
Should Eve prove to be the new enemy now that Bulshar is dust, she brings an interesting energy and history to the proceeding. If we assume Waverly’s father was meant to be both good and the guardian of the prison, then something really went bad went down during the era of creation. We’re also going to assume whatever it was isn’t as simple as taking fruit from the Tree of Knowledge because a.) that story is reductive and b.) there were no trees in the Garden our favorite demon hunters visited on this show. But no matter her reasons for breaking bad, Eve seems formidable as she can use the face of loved ones and the character’s personal histories against them. Those aren’t easy things to overcome, as seen when Doc and Eve battled near the doors. It’ll be interesting to see where she lands and what it will take to get her back to the Ghost River Triangle. And, indeed, the Garden itself.
Meanwhile, I certainly hope we get to keep Rachel (Martina Ortiz-Luis) as she is the Valdez this series needed. Her stated connection to Dolls (Shamier Anderson) suggests we’re meant to view her as replacement of sorts — if not in terms of Dolls’s energy or abilities, than at least in terms of sheer numbers. Sure, she’s young, but she’s good with the quips and the fights. And considering she and Nicole managed to escape the BBD facility full of zombies, her prowess had to be recognized back in Purgatory during the time lost for those in the Garden.
Which is the big hit this week. Waves, Doc and Wynonna lost eighteen months during their journey back from the Garden. In the interim, Nicole preserved the homestead, but it’s unclear if she is still Sheriff. It’s also unclear what the BBD did to the town in that time. It looks pretty serious from what Wynonna and Doc glimpsed at the end there, but at least they didn’t turn the Ghost River Triangle into a smoldering crater.
But let’s face it, the point of this episode was getting back to WayHaught. And, wow, did their reunion represent something special for the fans and something unprecedented for this series, the genre, and possibly television itself. We have to wonder if their afternoon together would’ve been such a huge moment or delayed just a little longer had the show itself not gone on a two-year break. As it stands now, it was the exact moment the characters — and their fans — earned. Even if it arrived with the nasty surprise of the time lag, which we’re going assume is there to honor the time fans lost with the show during all of the production issues.
No matter the reason, though, we’re glad to see it offered Wynonna Earp a new status quo as the Earps and their friends learn to navigate the post-Bulshar reality. We can’t wait to learn what it really looks like.
Oh, and we really should talk about Waverly’s weird accent change when she sat in the Winged Throne and all that business she was talking about her destiny, but we’ll save that for another time. It’s bound to come up again and, hopefully, with more clarity.
Wynonna Earp airs Sundays on Syfy.

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