Jim Lee Talks FanDome In New Promo

by Olly MacNamee

On the one hand, DC Comics is reeling from the huge layoffs that were announced at the start of this week, while on the other they’re still pressing ahead with promoting their DC FanDome event, happening across Saturday August 22nd online. So, it’s quite weird watching a newly demoted Jim Lee discuss his design input into the whole DC FanDome look in a rather clipped video DC Comics put out. See what you think:

Although, as my learned friend and fellow Senior Editor, James Ferguson, did point out to me, DC FanDome is more about the TV and movies spinning out of the comics, so it will be appealing to a very different demographics one would imagine. Plus, I imagine it’s a great way of AT&T – DC Comics’ overlords – to try out online events like this, given it’s this type of streaming content AT&T seem to be prioritising moving forward. Has this pandemic worked in their favour, I wonder, and allowed them the excuse to speed up developments in this area? There’s one food for thought.

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