The Batfleck Strikes Again! Ben Affleck To Appear In ‘The Flash’ Feature

by Erik Amaya

As all things DC Comics related are in a state of Infinite Crisis, anything can happen — even the most unlikely of returns: Ben Affleck.
Vanity Fair reports the actor has agreed to appear in the feature film version of The Flash alongside Justice League co-star Ezra Miller and fellow Batman Micheal Keaton. The film will be directed by It‘s Andy Muschietti and, as it turns out, the project has returned to the Flashpoint idea in play a couple of directors ago with Barry Allen (Miller) racing into other versions of the DC Films universe.
“[Affleck is] a very substantial part of the emotional impact of the movie. The interaction and relationship between Barry and Affleck’s Wayne will bring an emotional level that we haven’t seen before,” Muschietti told the site. That emotional tie compelled Affleck to sign on earlier this week. Although, one imagines the director and Warner Bros. Pictures were hoping to secure the actor before The Flash feature panel at Saturday’s DC FanDome event.
Also, as the old Flashpoint rumors indicated, Barry’s meddling with the past offers an in-continuity way for Affleck’s Batman to change into Robert Pattinson going forward. Well, provided Matt Reeves‘ upcoming The Batman is in the same continuity as The Flash and Justice League. But even if it isn’t, the film will introduce the idea of the DC Multiverse to filmgoers; forever establishing why a film like Joker does not exist in the same story world as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Of course, it will be messy. Then again, DC’s entire continuity structure is messy. But embracing it might be the best way for Warner to deal with its own haphazard choices in regards to using DC Comics properties and trying to build a unified film universe. Blame it all on the Multiverse.
The Flash is due to finally race into theaters in 2022.

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