DC FanDome: Darkseid Is … In The Snyder Cut

by Erik Amaya

Like a 1950s DC Comic, it’s happening because you demanded it.
Zack Snyder and various members of the Justice League cast took to the DC FanDome virtual stage on Saturday to discuss the 2021 release of Snyder’s Cut of the film. The SnyderCut will be a mythological “call to action” for the characters and a gift to the people who never accepted the theatrical release as the film’s final form. It will be released in four hour-long parts on HBO Max with a single four-hour presentation to be built later.
“It’s been quite a journey with the DC fans,” Snyder said. “We really appreciate it.”
“I think the important thing as the Justice League comes together [is that] they’re loners,” Snyder explained. “Them coming together and forming a family is what, in the end, drove me to want to see this happen. When you take all of these personalities, it’s a fun and awesome dynamic.”
Snyder promised Cyborg (Ray Fisher) is the heart of his version of the film and the character he can’t wait to share his expanded tale in the new cut. It will also feature more of The Flash’s (Ezra Miller) “emotional arc.”
“I think you’re gong to see something with Flash in this film that you’ve never seen before,” he added when prompted by Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins.
Snyder credited the “fan-generated events” with changing his appreciation of those who watch his films.
The director closed the hour with a preview of the cut. Set to the tune of “Hallelujah”, it features plenty of Synder-esque shots and, of course, a glimpse of Alpha-Predator Darkseid. Also: Silas Stone (Joe Morton) is seemingly destroyed by the Mother Box. The images are provocative, but will it be worth the wait?
Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League will debut on HBO Max in 2021.

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