DC Comics Offer Up Your First Look At The ‘Milestone Returns Sampler’ #0

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Denys Cowan and Chris Sotomayor

Announcing a very synergetic relaunch of Milestone Comics on the DC FanDome event – to include multi-platform content – we get our first look at the Milestone Returns Sampler #0 that will be made available for free during the DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse event on September 12th.

Written by Reggie Hudlin with Greg Pak and cover by Denys Cowan and Chris Sotomayor, the sampler will introduce and re-introduce fans to Milestone characters such as Static Shock, Icon, Rocket, Duo and others.

The sampler features art by Denys Cowan, Jim Lee, Ryan Benjamin, Khoi Pham, Scott Hanna, Bill Sienkiewicz, Don Ho, Alex Sinclair and Deron Bennett.
For more details, check out the official announcement on the DC Comics website here.

In addition, the following titles from the Milestone library will also be available to read free for 24 hours during the event on the 12th September:

  • Static Shock (2011 – 2012) #1
  • Static Shock (2011 – 2012) #2
  • Xombi #1
  • Xombi #2
  • Hardware: The Man in the Machine (2010)
  • Icon: A Hero’s Welcome (1996)
  • Icon Vol. 2: The Mothership Connection (2010)

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