Preview: Barbara Is Hospitalised And Traumatised In ‘Batgirl’ #48

by Olly MacNamee

Batgirl #48 ties in with “The Joker War” with the latest issue from Cecil Castellucci, Robbi Rodriguez an Jordie Bellaire. And, hey, if Sean Murphy is looking for any more collaborators on his Murphyverse comics, he couldn’t do much better than to recruit Rodriguez on art. Just look at this preview and tell me there aren’t similarities enough for Rodriguez to be the perfect fit.
“Why is Barbara in the hospital and what is James Gordon Jr. doing here? After an encounter with the Joker leaves Barbara temporarily handicapped, Babs is determined to find the technology she needs, but her journey’s cut short when a redhead-serial killer is on the loose! Who’s the obsessive freak? And will Gordon Jr. prove to be the changed person he claims to be?”

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