‘Piecemeal’ Is A New Horror Series From Cullen Bunn, Szymon Kudranski, And AfterShock

by Olly MacNamee

From the mind of writer Cullen Bunn and artist Szymon Kudranski (and letterer by Marshall Dillon) comes the new horror series Piecemeal. AfterShock Comics gave us a first look at the debut issue — due in stores December 12th — which seems to be a classic rites-of-passage tale set against the backdrop of a haunted house and a crazed killer!

“Five high school kids, soon to say goodbye to each other and to the lives they have known, enter the Nightmare House, the source of local legend and superstition. What they discover within the crumbling old house fills them with terror – a human brain, floating in a jar of murky liquid. Soon, the teens find themselves stalked by a vicious killer, a murderer intent on building itself a new body. Piece by piece.”

But what makes this new haunted house horror story worth our while? Bunn elaborated on the overview for Piecemeal in the accompanying Press Release:

“Piecemeal is the story of five teens who are on the verge of starting their adult lives and going their separate ways. As they visit a local haunted site, they make a startling discovery — a human brain floating in a jar full of disgusting liquid. One of the kids — Jamie — takes the brain home with him, and that sets off a surreal, deadly chain of events. Not only does Jamie’s ailing grandfather seem to “recognize” the brain, but Jamie starts experiencing ghastly, prophetic dreams. And some otherworldly force begins to prey upon the kids.

This is an exciting project for me, because it’s such a different format. This is a focused tale of terror. It has a very specific goal — to scare the reader! And I’ve used this new format as an opportunity to do some different things with the storytelling. There are some elements of this tale that I think will open up the possibility of a lot of discussion among readers.”

Bunn has certainly made a name for himself in the genre of horror so I imagine this will be anther interesting take on an old favourite by an experienced creator. And out in just a couple of weeks.


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