Review: ‘The Flash’ #760 Brings The Battle Full Circle

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Howard Porter & Hi-Fi

If any group of characters suffered in DC’s New 52 reboot, it was the Flashes. Already one of the richest and deepest families of characters, the reboot found the family reduced down to just Barry Allen. However, The Flash #760 may just change that.

As this run races towards the finish line (I’m sorry, I had to), it’s leaving everything on the table. That’s good news for Flash fans as it seeks to restore the toybox. It’s a thrilling penultimate chapter by Joshua Williamson, Christian Duce, Scott Kolins, Luis Guerrero, Hi-Fi Color, and Steve Wands.

Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne are locked in a battle for Barry’s body. Thankfully Barry has allies in his battle, both within the Speed Force and outside it. However, Thawne has more up his sleeve than Barry and the Flash Family may expect!

Williamson continues with the urgency that he’s built over the last few issues. This continues to be his best paced, plotted and written story in the past couple of years. Though we don’t get a “why” for Jay Garrick, Jesse Chambers and Max Mercury’s reappearances, they’re integrated into the story so seamlessly that the reader really wouldn’t care. That builds the story towards an emotional payoff, as its made clear what the future of the Flash legacy is, and setting us up for years to come.

Duce and Kolins continue to a pack an exciting one-two punch. Kolins’s scenes have a bit of nostalgia to them, as well as a hyper-kinetic energy that makes the setting feel real as Barry, Jesse and Max reconnect and commune with the Speed Force. Duce continues to improve, with a great sense of action, and an evil Barry that’s chilling. Some of his faces are a bit squat, but otherwise it’s a strong issue artistically.

Barry may be in for the toughest battle of his life. At least he has a little help form his friends.

The Flash #760 is available now from DC Comics.

RATING: 7.5/10

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