Bad Idea Drop Surprise New Comic ‘The Hero Trade’ #1 Tomorrow In Participating Stores

by Olly MacNamee

Remember that the time when Robert Kirkman and Chris Burnham stealth dropped Die! Die! Die! #1 into shop without any previous announcement? Remember how it felt not to know what you’d be picking up when you got to your comic book store and be surprised? Well, Bad Idea has tried to capture that excitement too with the secret publication of black and white comic book The Hero Trade #1 by Matt Kindt and David Lapham which you’ll find on store shelves tomorrow. Well, those stores that have been selected by Bad Idea to sell it’s titles that is. But, if you are one of those who’s store is stocking Bad Idea titles, this message is for you. Judging from this preview its reminiscent of those ash can editions that were all the rage at comic cons back in the 90s.
Not quite at the one billion click mark on their Button PR campaign, this book is being released to “certify 800 million clicks clicked”, but they’re not too far away from their goal and getting g more comics out to those specially selected outlets.
Look out for Hero Trade #1 out from Bad Idea on Wednesday 16th September.


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