Noah Hawley’s ‘Star Trek’ To Be Its Own Thing (If It Ever Gets Made)

by Erik Amaya

A Star Trek film without Kirk or Picard?
That was the plan for Legion executive producer Noah Hawley, who may or may not eventually direct a Trek film. As he told Variety, “It’s a start from scratch that then allows us to do what we did with Fargo, where for the first three hours you go, ‘Oh, it really has nothing to do with the movie,’ and then you find the money. So you reward the audience with a thing that they love.”
We’ll assume his story takes place sometime in the 25th Century to avoid too many cameos or direct references to The Original Series or The Next Generation.
Hawley’s project was one of several in consideration to become the fourth Star Trek feature after the 2009 J.J. Abrams reboot. Other contenders included a Quentin Tarantino pitch, a direct continuation of Star Trek Beyond which would’ve seen Chris Pine‘s Kirk travel through time to meet his father (Chris Hemsworth), and another take on that concept which would’ve seen S.J. Clarkson become the first woman to helm a Trek feature. But like the others, his was put on hold as a contentious reunion of Paramount Pictures and Viacom (owner of Star Trek TV-rightsholder CBS) put everything into doubt. Hawley still has hope he may eventual sit in the center seat of a Federation Starship, but we’re less certain.
In the meantime, CBS is offering plenty of Star Trek to keep us satisfied. Perhaps the brand’s best destiny is on television.

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