Read ‘Iron Man 2020’ In Its Entirety On Marvel Unlimited

by James Ferguson

As a new Iron Man series debuted this week from Marvel Comics, you may be wondering how Tony Stark got to this point. You can catch up on old shellhead’s latest adventures on Marvel Unlimited as every issue of the latest event, Iron Man 2020 is now available to read on the digital comics subscription service.

Iron Man 2020 is written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage and illustrated by Peter M. Woods. It follows Tony Stark after he’s defeated by his misguided brother Arno Stark, who has taken on the mantle of Iron Man. Arno orchestrates a Robot Rebellion that spreads chaos around the world, raising questions about artificial intelligence, heroism, and family.
In addition to the main series, there were also a number of tie-ins focusing on key players like Rescue and Machine Man. They’re all available now on Marvel Unlimited.

  • Iron Man 2020 #1-6
  • 2020 Force Works #1-3
  • 2020 Iron Age #1
  • 2020 Ironheart #1-2
  • 2020 Machine Man #1-2
  • 2020 Rescue #1-2
  • 2020 iWolverine #1-2

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